Laman Pilihanraya Umum Malaysia Ke 11



Opposition to proposed action against EC


In the meeting dated 24th March 2004, BA leaders unanimously agreed to form Badan Bertindak Penyelewengan Pilihanraya Umum ke 11.

The Committee was headed by Dato' Dr. Haji Hasan Mohd Ali, Abdul Rahman Osman, Deputy Chairman, Mustafa Kamil Ayub as a Secretary and Dr. Lo'Lo' Mohd Ghazali as an Operation Director.

This Committee will emphasize at 3 main objectives ie. to handle election protest from voters and election workers either individual or organisation, to focus from the legal perspective and international relation.

The Operation Room for this Committee will be based at PAS Headquarters at Taman Melewar.

It will operate from 9.00am 4.00pm. Members of the public are encouraged to lodge any complaints during office hours at 03-61885177 /03-55133416 (telephone) or fax to 03-61889520/03-55129646 or email to

Among immediate actions are as follows:-

1.To forward a letter to DYMM YDP Agong

2.To forward a letter to the Keeper to the Ruler's Seal

3.To forward a letter to the Malay Ruler's & Governors

In the forwarded letters we would appeal to the DYMM YDP Agong to consider the following suggestions:

1.Do not fully recognize the 2004 Election's result which was held on 21st Mar, 2004.

2.Condemning SPR willingness to be manipulated and their capabilities also has been doubted by the Prime Minister and BN party components.

3.SPR Chairman, Secretary and members to be terminated.

4.To form the Royal Commission soonest possible to investigate and expose the conspiracy between SPR and ruling government in the 11th Election.

BBPPRU 11 also launched signatory campaign all over the country in order to encourage Malaysians to involve directly with the BBPPRU 11 activities.

Launching talk dan signatory campaign against the polls irregularities will be held on 28th March, 2004 at 9.15pm at Dewan Dato' Fadzil Noor, PAS Headquarter, Taman Melewar. PAS and Keadilan leaders will launch this campaign.

The Committee Operation Room will release the press conference alike regularly everyday.

Badan Bertindak Penyelewengan Pilihanraya Umum ke11

Operation Room, 25th March, 2004

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